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WEBSTER ROCKS ALS is a Music Festival for ALS Awareness. We want to help those foundations that strive to make living with ALS more dignified. At the first event, all the proceeds went to Kacie Jones and HealingALS.Org. 


Who was Kacie? Kacie was a 31-year-old Rochester man with ALS – At the time of the benefit, he was fighting for his life to do even the simplest of tasks. We wanted to help Kacie and his family and help bring awareness to ALS, possible Healing of ALS, and alternative treatments. 

On Saturday, Sept 11th, 2021, we hosted the first Webster Rocks ALS event for Kacie and others struggling to live, heal, and fight ALS. We had many volunteers and many people offering time and money to help. People stepped up and showed the beautiful side of humanity. We want to keep this going and continue to raise money and awareness for people in need.

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